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      About Us

      About The Founder - Dr. Eldon Taylor


      Dr Eldon Taylor is a dedicated and focused researcher in the area of subliminal and subconscious science and learning.

      Dr Taylor has made a life long study of the human mind and has earned doctoral distinctions in psychology and hypnotherapy. He is a certified psychotherapist and a diplomat with the American Psychotherapy Association. At present, he is the President and Director of Progressive Awareness Research Inc, the creator of the InnerTalk? programs and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Psychology at St John’s University in Louisiana .

      After 20 years of constant and systematic academic and clinical research, Dr Taylor has established himself as a world leading authority in the area of subconscious and subliminal science and his techniques have been proven by fellow researches and other independent and authoritative research institutes to be safe, effective and long lasting.

      Dr Taylor has participated in independent studies regarding his work with a number of researchers at leading institutions such as Stanford University, Weber State University, Colorado State University, Munich University and Bremen University to name a few.

      The culmination of all these research processes is InnerTalk?, also known as the Taylor Method which is a patented and scientifically proven technology that effectively enables a person to program the subconscious subliminally to achieve goals in life. Dr Taylor has developed a proven and guaranteed methodology which requires little effort for anyone to tap the subconscious to achieve their dreams and goals, be it health, wealth, happiness and career success.

      Ever the researcher and perfectionist, Dr Taylor has worked with and is still working with numerous leading universities in US and Europe and research contemporaries to further research, improve and fine tune his findings in the area of subliminal and subconscious science.

      In most cases and testimonies, the research and findings have been based on selected areas such as habits, state of mind and attitude and the physical body. The reason Dr Taylor has focused in these areas was to prove the tangible effect of subliminal suggestion on improving the condition of an individual who may be suffering and unable to overcome, say, an undesirable habit, depression or even a block in improving sports performance.

      Most of the proven results have been done more on clinical trials in more problem prone areas such as at universities, psychiatric centers, prisons and juvenile institutes where test subjects are available and are open to such techniques.

      In many non clinical cases, Dr Taylor was approached to help bring improvement in areas of weaknesses. As in the case of the American Olympic Judo team, Dr Taylor was approached by the team manager to help the team win some medals in the 1992 Olympics. The results were astounding. The American Judo team that had never won any Pan American or international events won half of the medals on tally for Judo at the 1992 Olympics.

      This would very much explain why there are no research findings of his work in major corporations. Dr Taylor’s research was grounded for the use of people with immediately recognized problems.

      There have been however numerous testimonies of business owners and senior executives at major corporations who have seen significant improvement in their business, careers and quality of life after using Dr Taylor’s products.

      Dr Taylor has been able to prove scientifically, time and again through his research that these problems and limitations can be overcome with little effort using a patented and scientifically proven technology developed by him, known as InnerTalk?.

      In order to effectively bring his technology to the public, Dr Taylor packaged his technology to meet specific needs. It is promoted in the form of audio CDs and DVDs. The products are promoted under 3 major categories; InnerTalk?, OZO? and Whole Brain?.

      Dr Taylor has never been focused on commercializing his products and technology the world over unlike his more wellknown self help contemporaries.

      In most cases, Dr Taylor’s work and reputation has traveled by word of mouth and track record. InnerTalk‘s success  in North America, Europe and East Asia is based on the actual effectiveness of the technology and not on marketing and promotional gimmicks.

      In the 80′s to the early 90′s, Dr Taylor did appear on many national and international programs and media to promote his discovery of subconscious and subliminal science and the technology he had developed safely and effectively harness its potential. He actively traveled worldwide for this purpose, primarily in North America , Europe and East Asia (particularly Hong Kong and Taiwan where he is a household name). Dr Taylor’s books and other publications are currently offered in seven languages in 15 countries.

      However, in the last 10 years, Dr Taylor took a sabbatical from public life to spend more time with his family and to further his research in this discipline. Dr. Eldon Taylor is planning to selectively travel to speak on the subject of subliminal and subconscious science. Progressive Awareness Research and InnerTalk Malaysia are proud to have the opportunity to bring Dr Taylor to present a one day focus conference as part of the Asia Pacific Subconscious Mind Series on 1st December 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

      Eldon was awarded the
      2005 International Peace
      Prize by The International
      Cultural Convention
      sitting in the United
      States for his work
      teaching selfresponsibility.
      books, tapes, lectures,
      radio & television
      appearances for over
      twenty years have
      approached personal
      empowerment from the
      cornerstones of
      forgiveness, gratitude and
      respect for all life. That is
      why everyone of our
      subliminal programs
      includes "The
      Forgiveness Set: I forgive
      myself, I forgive all others
      and I am forgiven."

      Message from the Creator of InnerTalk:

      Dear Friend,  years ago, I asked myself; “Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where everyone was happy and whole… a world where peace, balance and harmony prevailed… a world where patience, love and joy abounded? What if everyone felt successful in their endeavors?”

      Just asking these questions motivated me to create a means by which such a world could possibly be brought into existence. Given that self and social alienation underlies so many of the woes of our time, I tried to create programs that would end cognitive distortion (negative/unrealistic self-talk). These programs would systematically engineer thought modification statements that would result in overwriting the negative by priming powerful, positive thoughts. Today we refer to these in general as thought modification programs. These programs are aimed at:

      • Changing the level of responsibility we take that reinforces our participation in the world.
      • Empowering us with dynamic and practical self-beliefs.
      • Giving us specific skills.
      • Providing us with an inner mirror of self-talk that reinforces our confidence and determination.

      Our products and services are designed to assist in facilitating self-actualization. Each of us deserves to be happy and whole. We can achieve so much more than the shadow of self with which many come face to face. Our mind has such incredible power over our life that we owe it to ourselves to empower the full richness of our true creative being in all our endeavors. Health, relationships, business, school, etc., are but elements in the path we take. We can bring these elements into a unified place of harmony and wholeness. In using these products myself, I have found that my entire world changed. For others who have taken that challenge, their letters assure me that the change is spreading. Thank you.

      Eldon Taylor.

      Thank you. With love from us. We love you!