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      InnerTalk FAQ

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      What’s the difference between
      InnerTalk? and other self-help products?

      InnerTalk? messages are recorded at a perceptible level of awareness and disguised in what is best described as an audio illusion. (You will hear words from time to time.) By “blending” the affirmations in with the music or nature sounds in this way, we are able to bypass normal conscious awareness, yet still ensure that the affirmations strongly register in the mind.

      Why is bypassing conscious effort necessary?
      Experts have described InnerTalk? as a “powerful new technology that uses our natural human ability to absorb information even when we’re not thinking about it.” Scientists have proven that the key to changing our state of mind is to do it with the least amount of conscious effort possible. Conscious thought can interfere with and even prevent proper mind training. InnerTalk? programs are able to produce life-changing mind stimulation without the interference of conscious thought. They bypass the usual resistance in the mind and go right to work at the subconscious level, producing change “from the inside out.”

      What role does the subconscious mind play?
      programs are effective because they permit positive messages to reach the subconscious mind, where they can produce positive results without conscious resistance. This is important because the human subconscious is indiscriminate with the information it accepts over a lifetime. All the statements we have ever accepted are present in our subconscious minds, and for most of us that is negative self-belief. So an individual’s current behavior is based on all the information their subconscious mind has accepted over the years. Do other methods work just as well?

      Do other methods work just as well?
      There are other methods available to modify your behavior without the use of mind technologies, but they often fail, and all for the same reason. Most motivational and self-help programs fall short because they attempt to appeal to the conscious in order to change behavior. It is often wasted energy. The conscious wants to change, but it is the subconscious that is controlling and overwhelming any effort to change. Every time someone tells us we are good our subconscious sends a thought to the conscious: “Really! Good at what?”

      In order to conquer the harmful effects of the subconscious mind we must attempt to change it on the very same level. Only then can you successfully disarm the negative and reverse the damage that has already been done.

      The positive InnerTalk? messages overtake the subconscious. They literally rescript our own “inner-talk” thereby creating positive self-beliefs which begin the cycle of self-fulfillment. When this happens, the beliefs that formerly were self-limiting begin to change. As they change, so do we!

      How did InnerTalk? technology develop?
      Early research by Eldon Taylor and others proved that auditory stimulation is one of the most effective ways to change a state of mind. Eldon Taylor theorized that by using verbal stimuli just below the threshold of awareness, he could have a positive effect on the moods and behavior of the listeners. His theories were proven correct and thus was born the InnerTalk? method. (See his article “The Screen Language of the Mind”)

      What are the principles behind InnerTalk??
      The powerful results may seem like magic, but the principles behind the CDs are pure science. As you know, the human brain is composed of two halves or hemispheres, the left brain and the right brain. These two hemispheres work together or independently to help process information and control our bodies.

      The left brain is most commonly referred to as the “analytical brain” and is thought to control such things as mathematical and language skills, organization, logic, reason, observation and analysis. The left hemisphere also includes defense mechanisms such as rationalization built around logic and reason.

      The right brain is also known as the “spatial brain.” It is thought to be responsible for creativity, emotions, athletic ability, intuitiveness, relaxation and visualization. Many scientists believe the right hemisphere is associated with emotional and subconscious learning.

      How does InnerTalk? CD actually work?
      The InnerTalk? mind technology is unique in that it appeals to both hemispheres of the brain, according to their function, to achieve “whole brain” stimulation.

      For example, it is believed that the left brain views language literally and according to the rules of language while the right brain views language spatially and emotionally, tumbling the words in a process called subconscious cerebration and even seeing the words as our eyes see the world ? upside down.

      The brain halves work together to understand language both spatially and literally. The InnerTalk? technology has been specifically designed to involve both the left and right brain according to their unique specialties using an entirely new and patented electronic encoding process.

      What is this encoding process all about?
      On one channel, accessing the left brain, meaningfully spoken, permissive affirmations (such as, “It’s OK to succeed”, “It’s OK to do well.”) are delivered. On a second channel, accessing the right brain, directive messages (such as, “I am good”, “I succeed”, “I do well.”) are delivered in reverse, to be recognized by the right brain’s unique spatial understanding.

      The channel-differentiated messages shadow each other from conscious recognition. But on the subconscious level, where the perception takes place, the mind understands and receives these affirmations. The analytical left hemisphere cannot argue with the permissive “It’s OK” statements and the non-analytical right hemisphere simply accept the directive “I am” statements.

      What other techniques are used?
      Most affirmations are delivered in a round robin manner by a male voice, a female voice and a child’s voice. Research has shown that individuals may respond more favorably according to their preference of male, female or child voices. Research also has shown that an individual is more likely to remember a round robin like “Row, row, row your boat” rather than a simple song, even if the song is heard many more times. The round robin affirmations are recorded in echo-reverberation giving rise to a “singing” effect.

      The affirmations are of a positive nature and are electronically synchronized with the volume level of the primary audio track (music or nature sounds) to ensure that your subconscious perceives all of the message. No other mind technology compares to InnerTalk?, which has been patented with the U.S. Government and scientifically proven effective in leading universities around the world.

      Some CD titles are also available in other technologies besides InnerTalk?. which technologies should I choose?
      With any of our CDs, the more you use them, the better the results. Technologies should therefore be chosen according to your lifestyle. Also, great results have been reported using the different technologies at the same time. For this reason, we have put together multi-CD collections and albums of complementary titles and technologies, available at great savings!

      I received my last order very promptly. The CDs were shrink-wrapped together. Why don’t you shrink-wrap all the CDs individually?
      The CDs are shrink-wrapped together for shipping. This eliminates damage. Individual CDs can be shrink-wrapped at no charge by simply asking for it. We do not shrink wrap, unless requested, simply because the material is not environmentally friendly. Indeed, duplicators must be instructed not to shrink wrap and there is no cost break by not wrapping. It’s all about our planet.

      I just received one of your Dual InnerTalk? CD sets. It does not mention how it is to be used. Should I listen to it daily? When should I expect to see results?

      These recommendations are applicable for Dual InnerTalk? CDs and the Omniphonics two CD sets:

    3. Listen to the program several times a day including when sleeping. Preferably use repeat play mode to play the program
    4. Listen initially for thirty days.
    5. Most people will notice changes or see results in the first two weeks.However, people are different. Some people may notice changes in the first few days, others may take longer
    6. Our 2 CD sets were created for maximum use and enjoyment, one CD with a music soundtrack and the other with a nature soundtrack. During the day, surround yourself with the uplifting music. At night, sleep to the soothing ocean. The ocean soundtrack is also ideal in the background while you work or watch television.
    7. Thank you. With love from us. We love you!